The restaurant

The restaurant

The restaurant of the Hotel de Paris can be considered as an autonomous entity and constitutes a public restaurant. Tourists, visitors and residents of Barneville Carteret come here to enjoy traditional cooking. The property offers a daily menu with suggestions changing daily.

Warm atmosphere, fast service and friendly welcome are the key elements that we want to show.

For family dinners, we will always be happy to welcome your children, serve them a meal quickly so you

Feel free to ask us a high chair.

Never hesitate to ask us to warm a baby food jar or a bottle, we will do it with pleasure.

the restaurant of the Hotel de Paris welcomes you from monday to thursday all evenings from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Do not forget to book.

At each of your visits, we always appreciate your comments, comments and opinions. We invite you to put your comments on the hotel on « TripAdvisor ».