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Barneville Carteret

In 1965, the villages of Barneville and Carteret were merged to become the city nowaday.

Barneville Carteret offers you various opportunities during your stay: day at the beach, visit

churches, hiking, sailing, golf or rowing …

From the port of Barneville Carteret from Easter to October, you can do a one day

excursion to the Anglo-Norman islands (Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm), all

the information is available on :


Sortosville en Beaumont

Our partner, la Maison du Biscuit is located 6km from Barneville Carteret. This factory Biscuit has craftsmanship from 5 generations, is open every day (except in January) from 8:30 AM to 7: 00 PM.

This biscuit factory, with a decor in 1900, also offers a gourmet grocery store on 600m2,offering more than 3500 references of artisanal products from here and elsewhere.


Barneville Carteret promenade plage cotentin

Planning on request at the office of tourism :

26, rue Philippe Lebel



Small fishing port quiet. This is the impression that emerges from the streets of Port-Bail.

However, there are several clues that suggest a rich history of twists and turns. During antiquity, five Roman roads connected the site to Valognes, Coutances and even …Jersey.

The island, which was not yet one, was separated from the mainland much later. Port-Bail was then an important agglomeration where the lucrative tin trade passed.

Behind the current city hall, a curious building confirms this hypothesis: a baptistery with a hexagonal swimming pool of the 5th century.

Ten centuries later, the port still stands out during the Hundred Years War through the Notre-Dame church. The soldiers appreciated its strategic location right at the entrance to the harbor.

From this military episode, the religious building retains a fortified tower with battlements and machicolations,  openings for throwing stones and boiling oil on the attackers.

Watch out for your head when you pass underneath!

Moulin à vent du Cotentin

Open from February to November: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

School holidays: all days except Monday, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

July and August: daily from 11:00 AM to 12:30 AM and from 1:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

23, rue La Lande 50580 Fierville-les-mines

Barneville Carteret promenade plage cotentin


The wind is blowing on the hill. At the top, the windmill turns hard. Too strong. You wake Henry, sleeping in the middle of the bags of grain. In a few safe moves, he reduces the wings of the windmill and restores the situation. Yes, Henry is a miller, a real one.

In his windmill of the 18th century, he loads, crushes, sieves and bags no less than tentons of flour a year. With humor and malice, he presents his everyday life.

Under the roof, rotating three hundred and sixty degrees to follow the wind, you find the millstone. Beating like a metronome, the square iron hits the trough and precipitates the grains between the two huge flint discs. A bell ringing adds to the ambient din. There is

nothing left in the hopper.

Henry gives grain, otherwise the wheels will turn empty and warm up. In a mill, the slightest spark is disastrous … On the lower floor, sieves separate the flour from the bran and remolding that slip into specific bags. While listening, you perceive the hiss of the flour flowing in its conduit.

Back on the ground floor, Henry smells his production. It has only a slight smell of burning.

Phew! He was hot. He would take a nap to recover from his emotions.

Museum of Vieux Château : July and August

Place le Marois, 50260 Bricquebec

02 33 52 24 49

Norman interior, pottery, costumes, … Remains of the old Romanesque church, scrolls, seals, fossils, minerals. Numismatic collection, various sculptures by Armand Levéel, cadastral plan «1782».

The Mont Saint-Michel

Mont saint michel promenade plage cotentin

Mont Saint-Michel is located to 120km of Barneville Carteret, in the middle of the bay, welcomes each year nearly 3.5 million visitors, pilgrims or tourists.

At the entrance of this medieval city, the former Corps de Garde des Bourgeois, facing the cannons, houses the tourist office. 

The places of visit of the Mont Saint-Michel are: the way of the ramparts, by passing the door of the Boulevard, then the door of Roy equipped with a drawbridge, you wil be in La grande Rue with its museums, its shops and its houses of the XV and XVI centuries (the passage of the drawbridge also leads to your right, the path of the ramparts); the Parish Church, small building of the XV and XVI centuries is dedicated to Saint-Pierre, patron saint of the fishermen; finally, the ascent of the Grand Degré is a prelude to the Marvel and the visit of the Abbey.

After having admired the Abbey, you could contemplate the incomparable beauty of the

Bay by going down the way of the ramparts, or by choosing Le chemin des rondes, on your left, a small gardens, which you also have access by the porch of the Fanils.



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